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Aisha Bahlool restaurants with the imprint of the world of restaurants transports you from the hustle and bustle of daily life to calm and luxury, the restaurant was designed beautifully dominated by the Andalusian character with its beautiful engravings and beautiful colors and its decor and furniture at a high level of taste and beauty  The bright colors and is one of the largest restaurants overlooking the beautiful Al-Lakoon Lake 2, Amwaj Island in Bahrain, and it has a special section for families. The calm atmosphere lives on the original rhythm of Kawkab Al Sharq (Umm Kulthum). 

 The restaurant is characterized by providing the most delicious and delicious different dishes from all international kitchens  Serving high-quality raw materials, cooking them, where they use authentic and fresh Arabic meats and the finest types of saffron. As for the distinctive and pleasant aroma of food with touches of Aisha Bahloul, which prepares its spices as it relies on quality and hospitality on its ancient experience that exceeded thirty years, the hotel and kitchen field.  Launched to open a chain of restaurants Aisha Bahloul, Gulf countries and the world.

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