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The creator of the Golden Kitchen Dr. Aysha Bahlool PhD. I started from scratch and graduated my degree in Hotel and Hospitality management in 1988,  joining the Hotel & Catering sector is a bit complicated for Women in the Arab Gulf countries about hotels and tourism. I went to such a speciality but resisted all the objections, & went to the Technical Institute for Hotel & Catering, and continued to pursue my studies until i got a Doctorate in Hospitality & Hotel Management.  

And after achieving, decided to continue her career & be something one day. She was able to Master the Arts of all the International Cuisine and wrote a Book to share her experience of what have learned, & to give back to humanity, be a reference for the coming generations. To benefit the future youth, to be taught to their children and grandchildren. Not to lose heritage and culture. 


Here she began to write a Encyclopedia book called The Chef It contains  5 Volume, each volume has around 400 pages & it was distributed in all the Middle East & most part of the world. Then she continued to write new Books another is Innovative Chef It has 9 volume contains 152 pages. And another Book was written called A land Table consisting of 150 pages.

Dr. Aysha Bahlool was also involved in voluntary work for a charity in the Kingdom of Bahrain, dedicated the Book called Alaber Cuisine. the publications were up to 15 books. And has become the number one in the Middle East in terms of number and quality. It has also produced numerous television programs in different channels, including MBC, Bahrain TV, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other channels. She participated in many international arbitration and evaluation programs, Specialty on cultural festivals of the GCC countries and international book fairs.


In 2008 she was a Hotel General Manager in Dubai,First Woman in Gulf States to get a position in the Hotel & Restaurant hospitality sector as a General Manager. She held the position for 9 years. Then decided to return to her beloved country & to have a distinctive place of her own, In 2017 AYSHA BAHLOOL Restaurant was opened,The Golden Kitchen was created, a chain of restaurants to spread all over the world. The uniqueness of her restaurant is the Taste of Food which no one can get in any other restaurant in the world.

The Menu it represent each different countries favorite dish. 

International Cuisine, Appetizers, Soups, Salads,Main Course, all kinds of Sandwiches, & Deserts. Catering to all kinds of occasions, events for individuals, companies, government departments and others, It also hosts tourists from all over the world to taste the finest Bahrain Gulf dishes, as well as dishes from all over the world.

Currently located at Gate 2B The Lagoon Amwaj Island,And aspires to expand its chain of restaurants around the world. 

In 2018 she achieved Doctorate in Hotel & Hospitality Management

At last but not least she record on King Fahd Bridge as the First Woman to Drove in Saudi Arabia from all its ports Driving her vehicle.

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